Content Enablement Platform

Hybrid Headless REST-API CMS Developer-friendly

“Content is king”

This simple phrase - coined by Bill Gates - is as true today as it was in the 90s. Enabling authors to distribute content while providing developers full control is our mission.

Is it a headless CMS ?

Blua.Blue is a hybrid solution, offering both classical CMS capabilities as well as a straight forward API to provide content to wherever it needs to be.
Easily include your content in any app, website or PWA you want. One place for authoring, endless possibilities to display!

  • Write & publish your content here, on
  • Easily facilitate a blog on your website.
  • Distribute content to multiple destinations (native app, PWA, website) from one platform.

For authors

Write SEO conscious content regardless of intended placement. Your developers will set up connectivity, style and behavior once and you will be publishing to whatever platform you want. Try it out!

For developers

Never worry about authentication and an authoring backend again. Offering dynamic content has never been so easy. Oh, and imagine new projects will have no more onboarding for marketers either.

Can I try it out ?

Absolutely! Just have at it: Sign up. No strings attached, no credit card required.
Be up & running in 2 minutes. Just sign up, confirm your email and start writing.

swap_horiz Yes you can!


Make use of our simple API. You can build your own frontend, backend or both!

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Need support?

Custom development or setup-help, we are here for all of your needs.

Built with favorite & code Neoan3

Unlike comparable systems, we didn't build a CMS hoping to think of all the customizations you might want. Instead, this service is built on the Neoan3 PHP framework.

So what is holding you up? Content is only part of what you want to achieve? Then use Blua.Blue as your starting point and conquer the web!