WriterBoards adds Microsoft Integration!

Now you can follow your OneDrive documents and get automatic stats with WriterBoards.

We should be doing more of this. Letting folks know what we are working on at WriterBoards. Because we have done a lot of work. And we have a lot more coming in our quest to help all of us "write more and write better." That's the whole reason we started WriterBoards in the first place. We don't think writing needs to be as solitary a process as it tends to be. Twitter helps, of course, and we are indebted to the Twitterverse embodied by the followers of #WritingCommunity, #amwriting and #5amwritersclub.

But hashtags can only take us so far in our writers' journeys. So WriterBoards is aimed at allowing writers to build their own robust communities around the creative process, empowering them to share their progress (or lack thereof!) and to get feedback along the way to the finished product.

Our first step in helping writers is to generate automatic daily word counts. Obviously, reaching a particular word count is a weak proxy for productive writing, but it's a start, because one thing we can say for certain is that if your word count is zero, it is guaranteed that you are not getting closer to meeting your writing goals. Ultimately writing is about putting pen to paper.

That first step is also particularly salient now, as we close NaNoWriMo for 2021 and strat to think about how we will continue to motivate ourselves and each other to write in the remaining 11 months of the year.

With that in mind, we are extremely pleased to announce that beginning now, in addition to our previous work with Google Drive, WriterBoards has now integrated Microsoft's OneDrive, a cloud storage platform which is included in every recent Windows operating system by default. That means that if you are using a PC, chances are that you already have it. With this latest integration, any document that you save to your OneDrive folder can be connected to WriterBoards in just a couple of clicks. 

Just login to WriterBoards, visit the integrations page and click on OneDrive. Accept the permissioning to connect your drive to WriterBoards. After that, click on the the documents you want Writ3erBoards to track for you. From then on, we'll give you daily word counts, so you can see how much you've written over the past week or month. You'll even be able to join or create a group with your friends to compare your progress and keep each other accountable.

As always, we'd love to hear what you think of what we have built so far and we can't wait to see what you create with WriterBoards!




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